The German artist Wayne Horse (1981), also known by his civil name Willehad Eilers, tries to highlight this exact complexity and paradox within his artistic work. The Amsterdam based artist deals with the ambivalent wealth of the western society for a longer period now – the “wallowing of pigs in paradise”, as Eilers says. “The wealth and the material abundance of human beings today left marks in their self-perception. When there are no serious problems, when there is nothing left to wish for, it can’t get worse.” What is left is the very own self-optimization and self-realization. But the range of what is offered as success or as a ‘fulfilled life’ is limited. By looking at social media the bitter taste of the feeling that everyone enjoys a continual, everlasting vacation - a reckless moment – remains. Wayne Horse’s contextual themes and his pictorial technique, which brings up this composition of lines, emphasize how fragile this journey is.